2. General Information about NFT Moon Metaverse

The cryptocurrency and NFT market is quite young, but has much more potential strength and more opportunities than the traditional financial market. Over the past few years, the use of blockchain and NFT technology has greatly changed the gaming industry and made it possible to look at games not just as an entertainment, but consider them from a more practical side. A great impulse to the growth of the industry was also the situation caused by the pandemics, when, due to the restrictions imposed, people began to look for alternative ways of earning their living and communicating on the Internet.

In 2021-2022 the most highly sought games will be those, where you can earn real money and develop some competencies important for the user and relevant in the real world. With the advent of blockchain, it became possible to claim copyright for the assets that players create in games and assign those assets to the player. It is the introduction of blockchain technology into the gaming sector that gives players the right to truely own the in-game items, starting from digital land and resources to ingame weapons and characters. Also, with the growing popularity of NFT art and NFT collectibles, there is a need to create platforms so that users can freely showcase their works and collections to the community with the guaranteed legal ownership on them.

Users come to the world of NFT and blockchain games primarily for the adrenaline rush from finding and owning scarce property items that have unique economic or emotional value. Also here they are attracted by the possibility of receiving passive income, enjoying the community and finding opinion-allies, as well as the exciting perspective of becoming a part of the virtual world creation and eventually making a living in the future Metaverse.

Blockchain games forming the Metaverse cover all the above mentioned wants of the players due to the fact that they have embodied the advantages of three important components:

• an exciting variety of the world of virtual games and virtual reality, available for modification bythe users themselves;

• uniqueness and guaranteed authenticity of NFT;

• transparency, reliability and security of the blockchain.

The NFT Moon Metaverse project will give players an opportunity to become а co- owner of such virtual space of the future, participate in generating income, create NFT objects, cities and economies, and also make money on the rent and sale of the created objects.

We are creating the interoperability of the NFT Moon Metaverse with the other Metaverses. The game will draw more people to the NFT market, and the Metaverse will become а placenot only for entertainment, but also for doing business, studying, selling and showcasing their creativity as well as for communication.This will be а major step to the creation of an ecosystem of human interaction of anew level, which can make а significant contribution to the global economy.

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