3.5 Game mechanics

Diagram of the Metaverse

Before the player enters the Metaverse

There are 2 ways to get to the Metaverse:

• Via the purchase of an NFT Moon certificate (land plot).

• As а free user.

If the user has already bought а plot, then this plot automatically appears in his profile in Metaverse.

Designing an upgrading the plot

After that, the user can start designing or upgrading his plot in а convenient and functional plot constructor. Also, the user can choose between handing over his land plot to farming and receiving passive income or setting up different objects, cities, game motorics, countries on your land plot. After that the land plot with finished design can also be used in farming or put up for sale in the marketplace, or used for the further game.

Opportunities within the Metaverse:

• The entire Metaverse is built on the basis of поп-fungible tokens (NFTs).

• Players can unite into special-interest communities and receive rewards for making positive contributions within the community.

• The players themselves propose and organize economic mechanics within the Metaverse, for example: marketplaces of goods and services. More than that, any project can add its product to the Metaverse (if the community approves it).

• Separate territories will be created for gamers where they can play games of any type and any plot. For this we will create gateways or portals to the game world.

• There is а separate fund to reward game developers aswell as creators of content and game motorics.

• For communication we will use video and voice chats. Also, video chats make it possible to conduct events, video meetings, workshops, etc. thus, substituting other means of connection.

• First person VR technology will be used, for example, while flying in а spaceship throughout the Metaverse or participating in games.

• An internal system of unique names (names of characters, houses, cities, shops, etc. to which we are used to).

Space theme

It all starts with the familiar landscape of the Moon! А gray piece of land, no life, everything is quite boring. And then we offer the player to discover this unknown world with all the opportunities that it provides. In this new world there are completely different laws and rules. What do you need first? You need to be born to this world... At this point you can choose or create an absolutely incredible fantastic character. No restrictions. Only your imagination.

Now the task is to choose howyou want to master this planet. Perhaps you have а warlike character and want to conquer space right away? Ok, then you go straight to the game portal. But as soon asyou have achieved your goal, you return toyour territory and understand that you can CREATE! And the result ofyour creation iseasy to sell or rent.

You came to the Metaverse to make useful contacts and remain anonymous at the same time. Then you simply choose the desired community/clanor create your own community.

Perhaps you will start creating or mining useful items just in order to get more tokens and make some very unique character or structure in order to rent or sell them. You can put the result of your work to farming and get even more profit.

Any plot, site, object, character, building, city, experience, time belongs only to you and no one can take it away from you.

If you are just the owner of the land plot, you receive а reward from the activity that is happening on your plot.

I have no money for the land plot (free user)

For you we have created free avatars. You are born with average skills and youneed to put in а little effort to be successful. The odds are equal for everybody!

For example, you are а good 3D artist and can help educate other players. You can teach them anew profession, useful for the development of the Metaverse. Super! You will receive rewards for your knowledge and the benefits that you have brought to others. Indeed, thanks to you, а lot of valuables and amenities will emerge in the Metaverse.

You love to shoot videos. Excellent! Share your useful content, assemble your audiences. Receive rewards and bonuses.

Help others and grow financially in the Metaverse.

If you are an artist, create galleries and sell your art works.

If you can't do anything special and don't want to learn, but still want to become а part of the Metaverse, it's ok. We will offer you to fulfill some simple actions and tasks in order to receive, for example, а plot or а super avatar for this. And then you will be able to live with super powers.

Plots are the main assets. And they are still at their lowest prices now!

You bought а plot and now you arethe owner of а valuable asset. Here iswhat you can dowith it:

• Sell/Rent

• Allocate а part ofyour land plot for sale to another user (split land) *Special conditions

• Receive additional tokens for owning а land plot (depends on the type of the land certificate)

• Get а reward if teleportation to the game and other zones occurs from your plot

• Get а share of the profit coming from the distribution of tokens in the Metaverse

Distribution of the reward in tokens depending on the type of NFT Moon certificate * (conditional and is a subject to change)

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