3.1 Our vision and goals

NFT Moon Metaverse is а virtual gaming space where each player can create, own and monetize characters, items, cities, countries and economies. All of this will work on the basis of blockchain and NFT technologies to ensure guaranteed property rights and an equitable trustworthy exchange. Within the Metaverse, there will be а marketplace for artists, musicians, and other creators to exchange and trade in-game assets.

Our goal is to create а new ecosystem with а new consumption model, where players will also be able to sell physical assets and things.

The Metaverse provides а unique gaming experience through а combination of both the traditional video game and blockchain gaming mechanics. All assets in the Metaverse are directly owned by players and can be sold on the marketplace or exchanged on other cryptocurrency networks.

The goal of the NFT Moon team is to create а space in which users can create, play, share and trade assets without centralized control, having copyrighted the created objects and the ability to earn tokens from the assets that they bought or created in the game. Our game is completely community driven. Developers are denied the right to make changes to the resource, since the properties of the resource are controlled bya token (smart contract), thus the game and all assets in it will belong to the players.

The Metaverse is а place where you can come and experience the unknown, do the impossible, meet, work and have fun with people thousands of miles away in the same Universe.

Our long-term plan is to create а grandiose virtual environment, that will be designed by users themselves and which will unite the virtual spaces of various games, programs and social networks. We want to fill this space with exciting new possibilities that thousands of people can explore simultaneously.

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