3.2 Unique Value Proposition of the NFT Moon Project

А distinctive feature of our Metaverse is its connection to the real world. What we are creating is not just а game, but an entire ecosystem that can become а micro- simulator for building economies and organizing ecosystems from scratch (including those on other planets), in which people can simulate life in space in the nearest future, find like-minded people and create communities, build businesses, learn something new and, of course, make real money.

The Moon Metaverse allows anyone to create their own NFTs. The player will be able to sell plots and rent them out. Build houses, create NFT items, states, economies. lnside the Metaverse, there will be showrooms for NFT artists and musicians. The metaverse unites the virtual and real worlds.

We are creating the basis for а new model of consumption of goods, services and information. The old model was limited physically and geographically, but these boundaries are blurring out and becoming less important as time passes. lsolation during а pandemics pushed humanity to move away from the world model, limited by geographic coordinates.

The new model of the Metaverse is not geographically limited. You can interact with people living in opposite parts of the planet in real time using one large virtual ecosystem.

This new model of consumption of information is more than just social networks and messengers - it is when all user actions are concentrated in one place of thenetwork to the greatest possible extent: in the Metaverse you can buy, sell, study and work, communicate, build social connections, play, create business, design/arrange/rebuild your housing, order goods and food, etc. If now Facebook and Fortnite profiles, а profile on Ozon or Linkedln are different profiles and different applications, in the future Metaverse it will be possible to use all these sites through one common avatar. The blockchain gives us а chance to make all these systems interoperable and unite them for users convenience. At the same time, the level of security of user data will not suffer. On the contrary it will increase, thanks to blockchain technology.

The new model will help create new imaginary activities, actions and experiences, previously unheard of and unknown to people. Back in the day no one could have imagined the experience that Facebook and other social networks give us now. It was something new, but over the years, social networks have grown and changed society and human behavior. Experts say that computer games are anew kind of social networks, and the first ones in this row will be play-to-earn blockchain games - the Metaverses. The main players of thenew market are creating their own small worlds now. When enough spaces for human interaction on virtual platforms are created, the best of these worlds, thanks to the interoperability of the blockchain, will begin to merge, creating one large overinclusive Metaverse. The Metaverse will inevitably become а trend, and will attract more and more users exponentially.

The lnternet Web 2.O has digitized most of the information at the disposal of mankind, social networks have digitized the human personality, and Web 3.О will come to digitize our physical presence in thisworld. NFTs already show us how it works. And while the space giants are only making plans to colonize other planets, we have already digitized the nearest space object - our Moon. The virtual world built on the Moon gives the user on the one hand, complete freedom for his cosmic fantasies, and on the other hand, а good base of real data, because the Moon has been extensively studied and explored better than other planets, and our land plots have real coordinates and reflect all the features of this celestial body.

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