4. Tokenomics 4.1 Token turnover in a game

4.1 Token turnover in a game

You need tokens to buy items, land plots, as well as to give uniqueness to the created items or to endow the character with some kind of unique properties. Also, the token is used as the means of payment in the Metaverse.

As we can see in the diagram above, before entering the Metaverse, а person gets а token: buys it on the exchange. Then, with the help of tokens, he receives an upgraded avatar and begins to build various constructions on his plot.In the constructor, the player can select not standard tools, but special tools that will impart unique properties to his structures. Then he can use these structures in life or can put it up for sale in the marketplace. The created item, depending on its uniqueness, can also be added to farming and staking - in order to receive additional tokens.

Key points of using NFT in the Metaverse:

• Developers cannot make changes to the characteristics of the resource, since the properties of the resource are controlled by а token (smart contract). tn fact the decision to change the parameters can be made decentralized, for example, through voting (TCR technology) or game management via DAO. Players can exchange digital assets outside the game.

• If the game ceases to exist, NFTs and their properties remain in the blockchain and can be even used in other games. And this means that your character will definitely be yours, moreover it might even retain the main features and capabilities of the game character.

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