4.2 CorreIation of game tokens trading/ manipulations.

The Metaverse ecosystem uses an internal token for:

  1. Making deals. Gamers use tokens as the in-game currency to buy assets and customize their characters, items, or experience. The creators of the NFTs in the game spend those tokens. They upload their NFTs: items, songs or art works for auction. Token is also used to add rarity to the item.

  2. Receiving passive income. For staking - storing cryptocurrency in а wallet to support the blockchain network - token holders receive passive income. The more tokens there are in the wallet, the more profit they will make.

  3. Management. Token holders make management decisions. That is, when solving any issue, а project participant votes or delegates his vote to another player.

Game tokens are backed up bythe land plots, other valuable items in the Metaverse and also liquidity, which is inherent in the tokenomics of the Metaverse. This means that the token will be constantly repurchased by players for providing а gaming experience and for assigning rarity to NFT items and characters. After all, rare characters are expensive, and you can sell and buy а character by means of the Metaverse token.

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